>Creating Centralized Ubuntu Desktop – Main PC

Cybersecurity Homelab Project Main PC

Now that I am on spring break, I have the necessary free time to start building my home lab project. I created a topology for the project, which can be found in the Homelab project page, so this post will refer to the set up of the “main PC.”

I decided to use an HP laptop that I used to use for school for this project. I wiped the hard drive and used a USB stick with an Ubuntu ISO image as the priority boot to install Ubuntu onto the laptop. I configured the USB stick to boot using Rufus on my current laptop.

Once Ubuntu was installed on the laptop, I was able to restart the machine and remove the USB.

I created an SSH connection on my Ubuntu machine and connected to it via PuTTY on my current laptop to verify its connection.

  • Windows Powershell and Terminal also now have SSH capabilities so it is a matter of personal preference.

Just like that, my centralized Ubuntu desktop is ready to use as my main PC. Up next is setting up an Active Directory using a Windows Server environment.

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